Under The Tree

by Harry

Posted for The Cheesewolf

So let’s not say that time will end,

Instead let’s watch the summer light

Come pouring through the valley leaves,

As if there were no other place.

And let’s not say it passed us by.

The earth beneath our feet is firm:

It stays the same – it doesn’t change –

We touch it, know it, share its pull.

So yes, we’ll simply linger on,

And take our shelter from the rain.

We’ll wait until the wind has calmed.

We’ll wait until the sun returns.

These moments, here beneath this tree,

Mean everything to you and me.


3 Comments to “Under The Tree”

  1. very wonderful to have some absolutes that can be relied on. Truly loved it!

  2. I loved this, the solid, ‘always there’ness of the earth beneath our feet – wonderful:-)

  3. Peaceful. Promising. Really enjoyed this one.

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