Inside Me

by willowdot21

I am a fret work,patchwork,lost soul of a girl.

I am pigtail, full bangs short skirt thrown into a whirl.

I am a big bust, tight arsed see through boiling pot of lust!

I am a thigh high patent  leather boots of “come on” don’t feign disgust!

I am a black eyed, raggy dress, sexy legs in stripy socks.

Purple lips curvy hips legs akimbo over the back of a chair

throw my head back wash your chest with my hair.

Bend down, turn around suck my thumb roll my eyes lick your thighs…. now don’t pretend you wouldn’t.

I am a diamond encrusted dog collar, peekaboo bra, black leather cat suit red stiletto heels

making your senses reel.

Hard swellings tightening clothes, hastily ripped off knickers use the floor, against the door or try the desk

…. now don’t feign disgust… now don’t pretend you wouldn’t.

I am a cheap chick turn a trick,

trip your wick,

bother booted swift kick

dancing down the  fireman’s pole,

digging deep into a hole.

Express train through the tunnel coming,

spider danger web funnel.

Come hither don’t dither hurry up before it withers

I cant wait all night are you looking for a fight

….. I can do that too,especially for you. …. now don’t feign disgust

… now don’t pretend you wouldn’t.

7 Comments to “Inside Me”

  1. quite the image you paint…is it a little hot in here… 🙂

  2. I’m going to lie down 🙂

  3. your writing is such a different imagery and style !

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