“Capitalizing On Others”



 Sometimes we write love in small letters –

Spreading the butter on his toast or

Wiping down the kitchen counter dabbed with

Peanut butter and jelly…

 Love is often dangling on the clothesline

And snatching a peek at a sleeping face;

It is the giving up and giving in

To another’s want with joy…


Blowing, kissing and holding tight is

Love’s voice upon a little sore finger, a wrinkled

Cheek, a weary shoulder that saunters at

Days end hopelessly…


Minutes are just as vital in love’s scaling

Upward climb to perfection, the afternoons

Picking strawberries and the morning

Prayer that’s an alloy…


Write love, in capital or small, it doesn’t matter—

Pen it with every touch; add it to tuna casseroles

And let it water down every heartache at

Your midnight soliloquies


But compose it…

Jot it down

and engrave it without restraint!

Dirty your hands in it

and clean a soul with

It …

Like the only work you’ve employed!

10 Comments to ““Capitalizing On Others””

  1. This is a beautiful poem Deborah, I really loved it. The well observed, recognisable images from every day life that show care, love,”add it to tuna casseroles” – I love that!

  2. Wonderful (comment on your blog:) )

    I too love the adding of it to a casserole. These “small”acts of love just show how endless love can be. X

  3. the most important ingredient…beautifully written as always…

  4. This is gorgeous. Every piece of it was written in a way I loved. Just beautifully done.

  5. You do indeed have a voice, and this poem proves just how beautiful it is. I LOVE this poem.

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