by james left his hat

I choose
Mercy over madness.
Kindness over pride.
Love over lust.
Me over what is not growing me.

I choose
Passion over indifference.
Scars over safety.
Bridges over escape routes.
My testament over my popularity

I choose.
Conviction over expectation
Love over explanation
Goodness over suffering
Courage over resignation
My will to succeed over the myth
That I’ll fail. ~ leafstrewngirl


7 Comments to “Myth”

  1. Really enjoyed this poem. . .good job!


  2. This is brilliant Kathleen! I love the idea of failure being a myth, and it rings very true to me. Some great lines but my fave, ‘scars over safety’.

  3. Thank you Sandy and Harula, that means a lot!

  4. oh too humbling and beautiful ! My sincerest respect Miss Leaf!

  5. Thank you!

  6. Good choices! I loved each line and the message contained within.

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