by maiasong


I am not alone
I am alone
Here in this place
Where with every sunrise
I step
Into the warm, quiet glow
Of morning
Whispering, softy, gently
Wrapping contentment around my arms
Reliant, contained, assured
So relaxed in the company
Of no other

Welcoming me
In silence
Broken by visions
Of wings and rain
Opening and dropping
Into my day
Where I need no one
So relaxed in the company
Of no other

For the touch of the sea
Rolling sparkling sand
Over my tanned toes,
For the weight of books
Pages worn and turning
Across my empty lap,
For the familiar,
Barely audible, melody
Of a forgotten song,
So relaxed in the company
Of no other

I ache
With deep yearning
For the sureness of a touch,
To brush
The unruly auburn curls
Teasing the back
Of my sweaty neck,
To trace
The sun-kissed skin
Across my delicate collarbone
To the well-defined notch,
Where you taste me
Your tongue wet
Your lips warm
Where you linger
Until my knowing hands
Raise your mouth to mine
And I
Am no longer
So relaxed in the company
Of no other

pjw may 2013


4 Comments to “Missed”

  1. beautiful… reminds of Anne of Avonlea! Wonderful !

  2. I enjoyed every line.

  3. I’m touched… thank you Russ.

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