river rocks and golden guns

by suicidallyanonymous

Elephant spines
-skinned and baked-
curl neatly
like the burnt pages
of your
guilty conscience.

Smoke spirals
through your every
whispering hoarse words,
like river rocks.

God dipped
irises and eyelids
into chipped jars
of hand-squeezed
muddy water,

to give the commoners

[we are the broken people,
and you can count
our sins].

Upon the limbs
of a salmon sunset
-you painted
lemon meringue
and margarine,

so that maybe
the canaries can eat
their fill
in their native tongue.

They are daisies
plucked and bare
like raw artichoke hearts;
with sea-foam eyes
and cucumber breath.

Their pine needle
scratch our ribs
like steel wool,
and cut our soles.

The sun,
a glazed coin,
in lonely arms
of a silk moon;

a thieving bastard,
slipped pennies into
moonraking hands
of Mr. Bojangles
and Rumplestiltskin

[with their lucky stars
wrapped in yellow foil].

One Comment to “river rocks and golden guns”

  1. Surreal, and brilliant 🙂

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