Heart-Shaped Box

by suicidallyanonymous

I don’t want gratitude
from accusatory tongues,
because it stings
when praise is whispered
in desperation.

Treat me like a bird
and cage me all the same,
but please
don’t feed me false hope;
sheet music and
a recording studio
are cruel ways to torture
a songbird.

These wings ache
and my heart is small;
I cannot grow
when you’re collapsing
my butter ribcage.

And you wonder why
I let you down.


4 Comments to “Heart-Shaped Box”

  1. Poignant. A true artistic soul that has to be free.

  2. Each word entered my soul, twirled around my heart. Loved this piece like you wouldn’t believe. Great work *xoxo*

  3. delicate and ever so slippery but a great sense of self, absolutely wonderful !

  4. So beautiful poem ! I do relate to your feelings…

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