Small Stone

by Jo Bryant

Day 87 - 27.4.2013

the woman who stares out at me from the mirror is not always the woman I know myself to be

(c) Jo Bryant 2013

8 Comments to “Small Stone”

  1. Jo, a beautiful photo now we all have a different view of you for the better, well done you were brave.

    • Thanks Harry !! This 365 photo challenge of self-portraits has been great. It really makes you reevaluate yourself. Losing the insecurities of youth helps too.

      • You look great JO.

        A few more poems ??

      • I will once I get the insurance. It is really hit and miss with the loaner I am using since the break in. sorted and a new computer…some days it takes two hours just to get on to a page. That is why I haven’t been visiting other blogs much lately. I can be trying to post or comment and suddenly the connection is lost and I have to start all over again. To reply to one comment on Chronicles this morning took over half an hour.
        It is really frustrating. This comment for example…before I press ‘reply’ I will copy it – just in case it doesn’t work. Learned that the hard way a few times.

  2. Beautiful photo and a amazing quote. Thank you.

  3. a lovely piece marrying beauty and an insight into the person behind the image, well done!

  4. love it when that happens!

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