Bees & Honey

by soad88
Two honey bees are collecting pollen from Nigh...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The nectar that nourishes the seed

I hold within my heart;

Given only to the one,

Who pulls my soul apart.

Sipping the gilded blooms

I shared the fruits of toil

Because you are deserving

Because you are the spoil

And when all is said and done

I hold you beside my breast

Only to gaze upon

this-worldly jest

that places

in my arms today

a love

which outlasts

All the rest…………..

11 Comments to “Bees & Honey”

  1. So very tender… beautiful.

  2. Lovely poem Soad and welcome to poets corner, i forgot to add your name but its in categories for you now for your next poem.

  3. Stunning photo!
    Lovely words and mood.

  4. heart-melting! Excellent formulated thoughts ~ Blessings Debbie

  5. Lovely, and the image is wonderful.

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