No more

by Devina


Your eyes, they aim at my soul

Your hands, they come closer

Don’t touch me

Please, I beg


I wake up

Drenched in sweat

The memory of your slimy hands

Makes my skin want to crawl away

To leave the bare death white bones of me

Still quivering under your malicious gaze

I hate you.

You cannot comprehend how much.


You had no right to do those things

I wonder about the others,

The other girls who share my nightmares.

The ones you silenced

With your threats of more.

You killed who I was

But you birthed who I am.

I won’t be quiet

No more.


I will make you scream

As you made me

I will be the monster under your bed

The shadow on your wall

I will be the creak in the empty hall

I won’t let you destroy innocents

No more.


I will make you pay

I will reveal the monster you are

Hiding under the benevolent masque

Of a bloody angel.

You can run, bastard,

We will find you.

I, we, won’t hide anymore

Because we had enough.

No more.

© Devina S.


11 Comments to “No more”

  1. Thanks Devina i didn’t see your read more tag 🙂

    Strong poem and to the point.

    • Thanks! Oh and if you tried editing this post, like how you would add tags I forget to, there would be a message preventing you to do so. When I went back to edit, the message said the post is locked and if I access it now ‘Harry’ will be locked out. Is this something new WP pulled out of their sleeves or something you enabled?

  2. I love this! I have written about that same feeling, unfortunately. Beautifully penned.

  3. Powerful; the poem and the protagonist. I especially loved:

    “You killed who I was

    But you birthed who I am.”


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