A Better View

by harulawordsthatserve

‘What are my gifts?’

you asked,

believing I,

outside of you,

would have a better view.

I closed my eyes to see,

and bowed to what I saw

until my head touched the floor

and rolled inward somersaults

continuing to fall.

4 Comments to “A Better View”

  1. Wonderful Harula!

    We all have many gifts and I know today, that includes me!!! I would never have said this a year or two ago!

    And as we keep looking we will keep finding, as long as we love ourselves enough to look 🙂

    Lots of love

    Christine xx

    PS If I miss some of your posts either here or on your blog,it is just because my IPad has had a mental breakdown and is now in hospital!! I should have it back during next week. I am using the main computer now which is difficult as it is upstairs and stairs are becoming like a mountain for me! 🙂 xx

    • Thanks Christine, and I’m glad you’re now able to see the gifts you have to offer too:-) Bless you – what a shame your iPad is so sick! I hope it gets better soon and don’t over do those stairs…I’ll not worry about your absence in the meantime. Lots of love and take care, Harula xxx

  2. wonderful again ! It’s so necessary to recognize the gifts and abilities we possess , we learn to appreciate others gifs more.

  3. Thanks so much. Glad you enjoyed and yes, let’s all honour and acknowledge our own gifts so we can appreciated others:-)

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