The Curb

by russtowne

Alone again on this cold, dark, curb
Shivering in the rain
Waiting out the endless night
Engulfed by pain and shame

Soaked shoes make dams in the gutter
The stream, like life, rushes by
Indifferent to my existence
Too busy to care why I cry

Rain pounds my hatless head
A mighty sea on a broken shore
Magnifies my grief to the point
I can barely breathe anymore

Every drop an icy needle
Running down my neck to my toes
Mirrored by the tears that fall
In a never-ending flow

A searing string of questions
Taunts my tortured mind
How could this have happened?
How could life be so unkind?

It gave me all I wanted
A dear sweet family
Then ripped the lives of my sweet wife
And two young kids from me

That night a sleepy driver
Who was new to our old town
While looking for a street sign
Ran my family down

Their lives were gone in a heartbeat
While my heart beats on and on
I lost my mind the moment
My cherished ones were gone

I knelt with them in the blood and rain
Hugged them tightly to my side
With all my heart I wished they’d lived
And I was the one who’d died

If only I’d run faster
Might’ve saved my family
Or seen the danger sooner
Such regrets torture me

How can a heart so crushed
Stay alive so long
When everyone it loved
Are suddenly all gone?

So I’m alone again on this cold, dark, curb
Shivering in the rain
Waiting out the endless night
Engulfed by pain and shame.

–Russ Towne

6 Comments to “The Curb”

  1. Inever know what to say to somone who has lost so much … know that life and hope live on. Beautiful poem.

  2. Thank you for your kind follow-on comment, Anne. You have given to me what I consider to be one of the best compliments a writer could hear. To know that something I’ve written has moved a person to tears–whether from joy, sadness, a feeling of connectedness, or for any other reason, brings much joy to this writer’s heart, for even tears of sadness can be healing and good.


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