by Chatty Owl

One word
to let you down or
out of misery.
One step –
to jump across
or fall in

It takes
– one –
to break a thread
and the connection is lost

7 Comments to “One”

  1. Absolutely. Good post.
    We cannot always control events, but we can always control our attitude towards events,” remarked Sarvepalle Radhakrishnan

  2. The power of one… No cooperation required

  3. love is such a risky thing…
    how can anyone dare it ?

  4. LOVE is living the golden rule~ do unto others what you would want another do unto you. We alone are responsible for for our words, thoughts, actions and reactions ~ we are definitely more powerful than we understand ~ one word, whether love or angry, you can choose ~ excellent poetry !

  5. one can break – two can repair

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