by willowdot21

Here I stand in the wreckage of my life,windswept and frightened.Where have the years gone what have I done where are the goals I had when my journey was begun.

I had dreams, I had hopes and targets to meet.Where did I loose it all,what happened to me, what happened to my schemes, my hopes and my dreams.

The daily treadmill of life, the relentless repeating programme of pain and boredom. The sadness, the heart ache the strife. Did I not try hard enough I was a worker, a mother and a wife.

Perilously perched on the edge of my life looking out on the dark, deserted landscape  of all that I have failed. The  unspoken words and screaming thoughts that have been caught and impaled .

What have I earned, what have I won.  What has it taught me what lessons have been learned. All I see is darkness all I feel is wind and rain. There is no tender hand to guide me, no love is left I feel only pain. I feel let down I feel lost, all these years I have battled with life and what is the cost.

Who took my eagerness who took my drive, where is the part of me that had once only thrived . I am so tired now, deserted and directionless cast out to sea. Too tired to try any longer, a ghostly echo of me.


12 Comments to “WHAT WAS THE POINT”

  1. it’s so true, so painful and rawness to wonder and wander! Friend ~ I don’t know what your faith is but allow me to share this scripture ~the word Darkness is incorrectly translated~in greek it descends from the word Depression.

    Isaiah 45:3 “I will give you the treasures of darkness, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the LORD, the God of Israel, who summons you by name.”

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  3. I’ve often wondered if the world is filled with women who got to where they were going, without a clue as to how they’d get there. Look up! The stars shine just as brightly. Fear not the possibility of flight. ~ Love you, Willow ~ Bobbie

    • Yes the stars are as bright though most of them are dead now…sadly deceased but their beautiful light shines on. I often have a fear of being old and alone . Yet I have no reason to believe that to be so.

      • From the other side of 50, let me tell you that there are worse things. There was a girl I went to highschool with and for years, our reunions were filled with asking her why there wasn’t someone with her. Now……..those same women are envious of her life, and her ability to go where she wants when she wants. Ahh, the tables so often turn. Love yourself with all you have, and the universe will follow. Alone is a lovely place for the company is grand! ~ Bobbie

      • I know that is true Bobbie, I am the other side of fifty as well, three fine sons and a husband . Still I have the fear in the wee small hours, ….. Life is a strange path.

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