Stalker or Unloved

by willowdot21

I held out my hand to you the other day,

you bit it off and threw it away.

I tried to phone you, I had things I needed to know .

I begged for answers you just said NO!

I laid my heart bare the cut sharp and clean

you walk right by me, right through my blood as if you had not seen.

On the bed myself I laid  bare you did not show,

you just didn’t care.

I wore white make up and blacked my hair.

As I walked in you just gave me that withering stare.

I walked a mile in bare feet

and sat for hours on your street

I begged and begged but you would not meet.

I sent you messages of un-dying love,

dropped red rose petals on you from above.

I lost weight I starved myself I change my image a thousand times ,

committed several minor crimes.

What ever I did you did not want me,

you said you would never be mine.

I did my best even proposed on bended knee,

you just walk out of the restaurant and made a fool of me.

I just don’t know what to do

I just need a little nod from you.

Finally I took the hint. I cut my throat and bled to death in your car.

At last I thought, I will get your attention.

All you said  was “stupid bitch this time she has gone too far.”

You walked away and ordered a valet of your car.


10 Comments to “Stalker or Unloved”

  1. That is a very strong poem, it gets your attention.

    The top photo needs to be posted again.

  2. I’m really saddened with these lines.

  3. I assume this is your own experience? If so, I’m so sorry. I went through a heartbreak once – many years ago now but at the time it was devastating. Do whatever you must to be strong – to stay tough – but let go. Whatever you do. Letting go is what will help you most. If you hang on, or continue to try for a response, it will only hurt you more and make you feel smaller. Hugs to you. Remember too – if someone neglects to appreciate your worth, that does NOT mean you are not worthy. Don’t confuse those. My thoughts are with you to heal and be strong. The best “revenge” is just to live a better life.

  4. I think this is beautiful for it is your heart, a part of your story. As writers, I think our strength is in withholding judgement – our strength is in seeking out the story. Well done and am glad to know this time is past. But from it, a new strength – a better understanding of yourself and of love. ~ Ever, Bobbie

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