by Shashi Moore
(via shashimoore blog)

(via shashimoore blog)

Essence of a woman

Heavenly beauty of divine handiwork

Preordained with chic elegance

Delicate mingling of strength and poise

Adorned with virtues of inestimable value

Covert, hidden display of aptitudes

Archetypal, classic

Placed on earth to stand beside her

Complement gent

Cherished and charmed

No aorta of abuse should befall 

The creation of God


BY: Shashi Moore

P.S. This beautiful picture has been in my office for several years.

I do not know its origin, nevertheless;

Each time I glance at the painting it radiates a different inner beauty embodied in a woman.

So I decided to post her and share her with others.

I gift this post to Harry the author of Poet’s corner to celebrate: LIEBSTER AWARD!

By: Shashi Moore



14 Comments to “vintage”

  1. I absolutely love this poem! I kindly ask permission to use it in my onliine blog/magazine for our womens issue which will be published May 7th. If you’d like more information visit our blog. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

  2. Thank you thats very kind of you.

  3. I loved the art (and words) so I tried to find the origin of the painting but no now avail. It is very appealing 🙂

    • I have watched her each day and loved her for every essence of womanhood that she portrays. However I have derived far more joy in sharing her with others. I guess that must have been the painters intention…
      Thank you for appreciating the words.

  4. most welcome! 🙂 🙂

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