The future is metal: Nonet.

by Devina

Poetry challenge: Nonet

Technology is our future
Humans need not think for themselves
Easier life, at what cost?
Metal minds metal brains

This dependency
Shall be our
Wait, watch,

© Devina S.

6 Responses to “The future is metal: Nonet.”

  1. All very true, i also wrote a poem about this matter 🙂

  2. too in touch with reality ~i frighteningly !

    • Reality proves to be a horror movie sometimes, I hope it doesn’t turn to robots turning on us! Seriously, I don’t like where we are heading, all these advances are awesome sure but it make people lazy. Imagine a world where people let machines do ‘everything’ for us. That is scary. Thanks for reading, Deborah.

  3. I agree very much …in fact, did a paper on this very thing. Too much technology is making some of the new generation less tuned in and less empathetic. It’s interfering with face to face contact. Good point.


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