“Flowering Morning-Steam”



Under the mercy of the

Slim slanted light,

And the yeast of the

Elfin probable,


Then, immerses

The disenchanted and inky

Star-pecked night

Beneath the heaves of

The foreseeable


Budding verses.

3 Comments to ““Flowering Morning-Steam””

  1. Deborah, this is what I call a “real” poem. Probably because I couldnt write lke this. And I know you have told me not to compare myself with others, so I am not doing that but just acknowledging how everyones writing can be so different.

    This lovely poem seems to be a metaphor for “wakingup” but Im not sure if I got this right. 🙂


  2. Thank you dear Christine you’re always very in tuned with my writing ~ I do my writing very early in the morning or very late. So glad you enjoyed it. xo

  3. Very lovely. “Star-pecked night” is perfect.

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