gma cropped 1976 nov


a year I cannot recall like I do others.

I was not flesh yet, my soul still roosting in clouds.


Daunting to think I could even saunter into her

Existence and claim her full attention,

But I did.

Birds… I understood her need for wings and

Song like wheat stalks bursting to be gleaned

And eaten meant for more than a sweet


She had culture, her hands told you in a snap

Or an unforgiving index rising for your attention;

Her culture was not to be confused with


I liked her undefeated smile, her interpretations

Of life’s injustices, negativity was a mere umph

Instead of despair.  I liked her washing my underwear

Into love’s verbatim.

I loved her fries the best, perfectly gold,

Sprinkled with just the right amount of salt and

How she prided herself in cooking

Without a recipe book.

I enjoyed her fast pace, never missing a step

Between coming or going like a Swiss watch

Ticking precision.

I want to have her far away stare,

she always seared beyond tomorrow.


would have found her wrinkled but still rounding

us up under her hand for direction, maybe a

few unpleasant words and a toothless

chuckle.–I don’t know.

But Believe.

9 Comments to ““GRANDMOTHER “”

  1. I love how you tie in all of the stages. Lovely.

  2. this was very touching…stirred memories of my own Grandmother…thank you for sharing

  3. I loved this poem, so real, tangible almost – simple and moving. I loved ‘she always seared beyond tomorrow’ and, ‘negativity was a mere umph’. Thanks for sharing:-)

  4. Thank you.

  5. A stunning poem Deborah, which caused me to ponder. I have left a longer comment on your blog 🙂


  6. serene and grace-full. I savored every word. Just beautiful! 🙂

  7. Your Grandmother looks like mine who turns 87 this summer. I would love to write such vividly about her as you did here.

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