site for Sight

by Shashi Moore

Hole in One

Is a tale of none,

 who fell Prey to Trump.

Treasure of life once possessed

he traversed length and breath, in search;

 Hot spots left behind for desolate ones

Running from all, hiding the treasure

from those that are shut out from all pleasure.

Greed envy green, dagger edged driven, drains the life given.

Yet, search in pursuit, wilting in progress

Probing for the chest that holds the rhythms of pulse

Across the desert, down the valleys up the mountains of the living

Not one who worthy of vision; he resigns

from search for a treasure of life.

In flies the butter fly, ends search, no more fight.

settled in

 site for a sight!

By: Shashi Moore


8 Comments to “site for Sight”

    • Thank you! when we do have the treasure, “life” we fail to treasure it, but when we loose it we struggle to repossess the essence of life. which as you and i know… it’s impossible.
      Thanks again for commenting.

  1. When you told me about the ‘hole in one’ I didn’t realize it came a long with all of this! Great job, ma’am.

  2. Profound – and what a marvellous image!

  3. Thank you. The image is from ermilia blog. 🙂

  4. Agreed – this image is smashing.

  5. The image was posted in picture-it-write; ermilia blog. 😉

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