A Devilish Conspiracy

by Noura M.MouSsa

I see the devil dressed as an angel,
But only I have that knowledge,
A knowledge that I consider a curse,
Nothing I would share with someone else,
I see a smile, they all admire,
My bruises are shown, suddenly seem clear,
They think my envy is turning into fear,
But I am not to tell why we’re both here,
When angels come a devil goes,
But when a fallen angel dies another on falls,
They gave me knowledge but not the power,

And he could make his move in any given hour,
And again there’s nothing my hand can save,
In my nightmare I hear their cries from the bottom of the grave,
Never sure what he comes to crave,
Silent Mayhem with aimless bad intentions,
And his damned little devils create a hell of a convention,
Convincing his victims that they can never go back,
Leaving in them in an islands of sins after he orders the ship to wrack,
When all along they didn’t know that the ocean,
They made themselves think they can’t cross, is an illusion,
And there’s a button in their hearts that will make them return,
For the doors of heaven are closer than hell.


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