The tribute to My Parents

by Shashi Moore

(via Looking for the sweet spot)

The tribute to My Parents

Six feet tall

He stands out always in a crowd

Not of his height, but of his charm

Full firm lips yet gentle on my cheeks

My Father

Fell head over heels in love with his petit neighbour

MY Mother

 Her only crime was her poverty

Never to be accepted by his parents

Undeterred he pursued to win her love

Even serenaded in front of her home

Befriended brothers of hers

Helped her with language, Hindi grammar

Her age mattered not though two years older

 Sixties were common not, for an affluent to marry a poor church rat

He had eyes and ears for non except for the girl in rags, next door

So he approached Indira’s parents to ask for hand in marriage

Indira’s parents thanked their lucky stars, a prince for a son-in-law

The bride to be, held her love in bosom for no one to see

A taboo was she to his parents

They found another girl in marriage for him.

 He refused

They insisted

He begged

They rejected

He struggled

They locked him up

He escaped

 They stripped him off his inheritance

He fled with her to the shores distant

Made an honest woman of her, at a highway temple

His grandparents sheltered the young couple for several moons

‘til he earned his degree in engineering,

With new degree at hand and

The symbol of their love about to be born

( me!) 🙂

My parents

As pioneer of love they set a tone

For many more, inevitable

Love marriages at home town

By: Shashi Moore


7 Comments to “The tribute to My Parents”

  1. What a lovely tribute / poem to your parents and to overcome the class system is a big deal.

  2. Such a beautiful poem, thank you for sharing your family’s history 🙂

  3. I’m impressed by the clear picture of your impressive and charming parents !

    • I am very lucky and blessed to have had them. The love they shared was very special and they taught us to love others through their actions.
      Thank you very much for you warm words. 🙂

  4. Wonderful story of love triumphing against the odds – thank you for sharing

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