Streets of India

by Venkat

Skyscrapers glossy, the village dust

Hollow sounds of an empty stomach

Burgers, fried chickens, bellies to burst

Half naked juveniles, ill-fated luck

Mammoth cine hoardings standing tall

Sleeping beggar with a ragged bowl

Monies pouring in for a new mall

Pot holed roads, people crying foul

Men eagle-eyed, chasing women

Pertly dressed, new-found freedom

A brave new world, yet news that threaten

Office goers smart, workers with faces glum

Mexican delight, American ham

99 varieties of Dosa by roadside

Lungs deep in smoke, the traffic jam

Burning holes in pocket, an auto ride

Society of refined education

A sober yogic spiritual land

Multiple voices of a spirited nation

Yet poverty, gold, items of foreign brand

Streets lined by trees, flyovers

Distant skyline of growing power

Stray dogs by the dung heap, leftovers

A religious woman, pinned jasmine flower

A road with no sign, screaming horn

Hard life of rare mastery

Sea of jagged souls moving on

A land of history, streets of mystery

© Venkat
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8 Comments to “Streets of India”

  1. wow this is a banner of The soul of many in summary ! Terrific !

  2. I love the poem ‘Streets of India’. The essence of our streets is like two sides of a coin. well portrayed

  3. Very well narrated. Well invited one too.

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