Quietly Beats My Heart

by jaybluepoems

“My friend, my friend”, it holds me down.
In deeper love I could not drown.
Called in fleeting moments.
Grasped and held not knowing why.
Left to memories’ printed page.
Relived in every heartbeat’s try.

Aging draws the tempest down,
time and space the softening blows
that measure each day possible
against the echoed, pounding throes
of vibrations of two beating hearts,
two souls turned to face each other’s ground…

leaving what could not be known,
knowing such could not be found,
as temporal lines were drawn against,
where duty and honor stood as fence
against all hopes to win –
that only God could intercede,
or moments granted would fail again –
and again the clock ticked on –
stretching moments flashed in love
to fodder for a poet’s song –

I am an aging man,
cautious in my thoughts –
but I will never reconcile the answer that is sought…
“why?” …
… why now, why this, what does it mean,
what purpose, what plan, what to my soul as lesson glean???

For softly echo the moments spent…
Quietly beats my heart.
For love, my anguish pays the rent,
as futures sadly plot my chart –

4 Comments to “Quietly Beats My Heart”

  1. Welcome Jay to P.C. and a lovely poem to start with.

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