“For He that Only Loves Me”



I am no Chopin, Liszt or Shubert.

These were heaven’s gift to man as far-off memories;

A breath that can only be taken once.

How gracious a Master for this edict of beauty!

Maybe I can never reach that star or sonata.

The falling adagio of a wistful cello at dusk’s rendezvous,

Or the impetuous bounty of Ravel that unlocks winter.

I will never heal a soul’s arching hunger for eternity.

But, I was not fashioned with this in mind.

My voice will never be an inviting fountain.

My image, no Venus or petal that scents your hand.

And, Xanadu was not my Designer’s destiny for me.

Oh, but if you would hush your shuffle,

If one night you’d stop as a child to hear the crickets

And let a ladybug inch over each finger as it wanders,

Perhaps, you’d hear my composing, my inner deity.

There is often hot fire burning under short grass.

Sometimes glinting stars do shoot across my soul.

And, my desert hum versions of sunsets that captivate

As many a rock that crystallizes in grandiosity!

Crack me open, come turn over my soil.

Water my deep furrows, brush my skin with hope,

Pick me off a tree, sit beneath my twinkling light,

And sigh one syllable, kiss the morning dew’s rhapsody.

Perch me high on a hill green as emeralds,

See proof  of a belief that you still cannot behold.

Open my jar of zeal, take me off life’s dusty attic shelf,

I’m sure it will whet your palate of my possibilities.

If you would, if you’d choose, if you’d desire

The unheard, the unseen, the existence of an ideal,

It’d be at your fingertips: ‘for eye hath not seen or

Ear heard’ what God has saved for he who’ll  love me.


* dVerse  Monday prompt….by Gretchen Leary

8 Comments to ““For He that Only Loves Me””

  1. thought this was absolutely beautiful…

  2. This is a stunning poem Deborah!

    It has been said that a poem says what it says to the reader and this, to me, speaks of inner beauty, talents that each one of us has; they key is to love ourselves enough.

    Not sure if I understood it as it was written; it definitely spoke to me.

    Christine x

  3. Excellent poem, so well written and beautifully expressed… your heart shines through this 🙂

  4. Your expressions dove tail perfectly with my state of mind recently as I’m reading Wonder Struck. Thank you for the beauty

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