What’s real?

by harulawordsthatserve

If sea turns white

when it’s busy

but sparkles blue

‘neath cloudless skies

what colour is it really?

If my feet are a 6

but submerged in sea

they look like a 10

what size are they really then?

If the world’s noisy

and full of shouts

and laughter above the surface

is the silence beneath

still real

when I can’t hear it?

If I dove down

really quickly

would I catch out the fish

and hear them sing?

6 Comments to “What’s real?”

  1. Dear Harula, this is so beautifully reflective, and the last stanza is a dream. 🙂

    Love and blessings xx

  2. There is an argument that noise isn’t noise until you hear it … guess the same could be said about silence.
    This is a delightful poem, really enjoyed reading it. Thank you.

  3. wonderful and a real swoooppppp!

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