The Shamanic Journey Of Little Running Word

by tjtherien

Little Running Word sits eating peyote
Seeking prickly visions in the cactus
His spirit guide is a mangy coyote…

Little Running Word stands on the Mesa shelf
Urinating into the westerly wind
But only succeeds in pissing on himself…

Little Running Word beats his head on the wall
But the coyote tells him it’s useless
And will only result in bashed in skull…

Little Running Word perches high on his roof
Asking advice of the man in the moon
“Where is this God you speak of? Show me your proof!”

Little Running Word sips on some mushroom tea
Looking inward he searches for golden path
A journey of spirituality…

Little Running Word having spoken to God
Turned a new leaf, turned his palm and sang a psalm
Perceived the world as peculiar and odd

Little Running Word, brick thick and wafer thin
Disjointed babbling incoherently
Entranced in the dreamy dance of mescaline


4 Responses to “The Shamanic Journey Of Little Running Word”

  1. Kudos friend ! I was cross legged and waiting to see the culmination !


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