Quiet Friday

by Devina

(via Pinterest, click to see)

It’s a quiet day today, for a Friday

But it’s a nice thing to know people still

Observe some of the old ways, reverence and worship

I’m not kin of the people of the cross but I respect

And I even believe

A quiet Friday, so much like my usual Sundays

Spent at my cube, alone in my corner at work

A peaceful time to contemplate all the complexities of the living

A moment of respite, but vulnerable to the bad thoughts

But the calm silence usually chases them away

I like today, it’s such a nice one

It reminds me for all that I am and what I can be

It reminds me to pray,

For the unfortunate and the struggling

It reminds me of all what I should be grateful for

Especially a beautiful day like today

© Devina S.


6 Comments to “Quiet Friday”

  1. This is lovely! Full of gratitude and hope.

    A great optimistic poem however any of us see Good Friday. Thank you for sharing it


  2. Devina you’ve transformed my heart with your sensitivity ! I love this!

  3. Lovely words, thanks for sharing …
    and the perfect image to go with the post.

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