Good Friday

by james left his hat

Since it’s a holy day

I suppose I should be all sacred

But there are times when one smile drops, and then another

And then a little faith pops its bubble in your face

I feel like praying, but I get too tired to pray.

I thought he was a soulmate

There was something soul-ish in his smile

He pushed me out of my own way

But he was spoken for all the while.

And when I thought I was ready to get serious about this day

To spread goodness, and love, and forgiveness, and grace

I lost another friend

So I said, I don’t want to be gracious, I want to remain cautious and folded

And yet want someone to step out and care enough to unfold

Someone who knows I am flawed and am wounded

But loves me anyway.

In spite or maybe even because of it.

And then it occurred to me

That this is Good Friday

And I already was.  ~ leaf strewn girl (Kathleen)


4 Comments to “Good Friday”

  1. This resounded with something in me, especially the last few lines and though I still wait for a day that I might find such a person, you reminded me that there already is 🙂 Have a nice day.

  2. Lovely poem.

    To be loved despite being flawed or wounded or even because of it is such a powerful thought, and you have given me a great deal of food for thought in your words. Thank you.


  3. I’m glad you enjoyed. Have a lovely holiday. 🙂

  4. LOVE shows itself in grace and I know that Sweet Jesus understands all afflictions and crevasses that hold darkness and fears, hurt, and sin, but your sorrow is not misunderstood to those who live the fulness of life’s dichotomies ~ I empathize and thoroughly found a self crucified well expressed.

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