“Time And Tables”



I used to fit and figure out in your equation.

The acrobatics of Time being adequate

For work, chores and travel

Finessed itself

Between like dancing through a crowd of

A thousand left-footers…


Our square roots don’t measure up as before

The fractions we’ve divided are dissonant.

Love has been tipped over like

Spilled cold milk

Between the cracks of yesterdays warm muffin,

And today’s old bagel.

7 Comments to ““Time And Tables””

  1. Really really liked this, last six lines especially

  2. thank you friend ~glad you enjoyed this.

  3. This is brilliant. I agree, the ending was just perfect.

  4. This is wonderful. And I agree about those last lines!

    We still must take the risk though, or we will never know, and we always learn, that is, if we are awake to do so!

    Christine x

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