The first man

by james left his hat

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You were the first man

Who loved me

Who held me

The first man who cared if I was okay

The first man who came running when I needed you

My first Santa Claus

My first guidance counselor

My first couch date

The first man to lay down the law

The first man first rate.

You were the first man

To love another woman – my mother


The first man to show me responsibility

To show me integrity

The first man to hold my hand

And when I grew up, the first man to let me make mistakes

Without judging me

And the first to understand

I could live my own life

And still need the first man to lean on

When life was overwhelming me.

You were the first man I trusted

The man I trust still

The first man I admired and respected


You were the first man I loved.

And the first man to love me. ~ Leafstrewngirl

6 Comments to “The first man”

  1. I never could relate this with a father but definitely with my grandfather who adored me… your beautiful and touching poetry is heartfelt and beautifully written !

  2. Tears prickling the corners of my eyes…What a beautifully powerful tribute! How fortunate you were/are to have such an amazing father/role model in your life. Thanks you for sharing!! Loved it!

  3. Thank you both!

  4. Sooooo beautiful and moving, thanks for sharing your love and gratitude with such integrity…it’s very inspiring.

  5. There are not many people can say that, you’re a lucky girl.

  6. Thank you Harula and Harry – yes, I’m pretty lucky!

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