“If Only…”

by russtowne

“If Only…”

“If only…” he said
‘til the day he died
Let regrets drown
His dreams inside

Paralyzed in the present
By mistakes of the past
Gave up on living
Until dying at last

Few words are so cruel
Or have ruined more lives
They corrode the spirit
And cut like knives

Two little words
But oh the cost
Dreams shattered
And lives lost

Don’t suffer the fate
Of broken-winged birds
Time to break free
From those two little words

–Russ Towne


7 Comments to ““If Only…””

  1. we definitely have the greater power within because of choice ! Wonderful poem!

  2. This is lovely! It has taken me a long time to get rid of “if onlys”, and to let go. Letting go sounds like such a simple thing to do but its one of the most difficult in my experience and requires awareness and then action. I love this poem; it has made me think and reinforced in me how pointless and debilitating”if onlys” can be.

    Christine 🙂

  3. Excellent Russ – inspirational 🙂

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