“With Mary at the Tomb” Easter Prompt



The milk and honey poured from His

Perfect and tamed lips…


Resting upon the shore and distant hills

His eyes rescued the withering souls

Who cried out and spoke

Son of David!

My hands cup to catch the sundry

Raindrops of truths, I sip…


Quiescent and leaning upon a boulder

I feel His eyes collect me upwards

And with one soft sweeping

I praise the empty grave!

9 Comments to ““With Mary at the Tomb” Easter Prompt”

  1. I enjoyed this piece, Deborah.

  2. Beautiful!
    Was taken in by the phrase “perfect and tamed lips”; and a super, profound finish.

  3. love the line, “my hands cup to catch the sundry/ Raindrops of truths, I sip…” it keeps echoing in my mind…!

  4. The image is matched beautifully with the poem!

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