The Oasis

by harulawordsthatserve

There’s an empty ache

that won’t let me write

my creative flow has sprung a leak

and any precious moisture left

has sunk

into the thirsty earth surrounding

yet still I return

again and again

throwing my clumsy bucket

into a river run dry

still thinking



it will give me what I need

So focused am I

on the river run dry

I fail to notice

let alone appreciate

what’s been growing

all around it

The leakage has fed

unintentional wonders

and an oasis of flowers

grasses and trees

have flourished around

my barren bed

and when my tired arms

can heave no more

I lie on the shore


the dry emptiness below

as the whisper of  new life

greenery and colour

crowds ever closer

begging me

“Wake up,

turn around,

we are here.”

13 Comments to “The Oasis”

  1. “unintentional wonders” reminds me of W.S. Merwin’s poem “Waves in August.” Check it out.

  2. So beautiful. So life affirming! I love it.

  3. Oh this is lovely Harula! So optimistic and full of hope 🙂

    Live and blesings

    Christine xxxx

  4. Sorry – “love” – my and my impatience:) xx

  5. Silence is animated with different a vocabulary and expressing it is always a waiting period.

  6. A fantastic piece, so positive and glowing – we don’t always notice the things we create or cause to happen … how true … but they happen anyway.
    Thanks for this one, loved it!

  7. really resonated to this one…. something I often think about… couldn’t have found a better way to express it!

  8. Bless you Paul, thank you. I’m very glad you enjoyed it:-)

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