under the shadow of our steeple

by suicidallyanonymous

He is God,
and you are man,
and I am girl
for just a moment…

struggling to keep afloat
when hammock arms
let the biggest pieces

Carry my scars
in your pocket,
because today
we are not broken glass,
and I haven’t cut my fingers
on your teardrops yet,
and my veins still pulse
in four-four time.

I know how it feels
when they surgically remove
all hope with spoons,
and leave you
-victimized, cored,
and peeled.

[Apples don’t last long
when exposed;
Maybe you are air
when I am breathless.]

Rebuild these Lego walls
and I’ll watch
as you tear them down
brick by boring brick.

I can’t fucking speak
without inserting semi-colons
and ellipses
in my sentences,
even though you hate
the raw intensity of truth.

Go ahead, skip a beat
and chase
those goddamned semi-colons
with parenthesis
-make my day, coward.

Starve for me,
starve for greasy fingers
on your rubber throat,
and ache
for pain to give us
something tangible.

6 Comments to “under the shadow of our steeple”

  1. Bravo, brilliant annd rapturous !

  2. Intense; brilliantly written!
    Like reading an avalanche: thanks for posting this one!

  3. Really creative! Great choice of words.

  4. a definite “raw intensity” here 🙂 I really felt this one

  5. Blunt and to the point, i like it.

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