Silver spoon.

by Harry


Some are born with a silver spoon,

others not even grey,

Some are born with a right to live,

Others can only pray.

They wait for their bundle of joy

with nervous anticipation,

While THEY can’t help

but think of it as another burden.

They buy toys and dresses

even before it leaves the womb,

while THEY can only think of

finding it space in their 10X10 bedroom.

They decide the date of its arrival

so it can have a lucky birthday,

while all THEY hope for is that

it survives its first birthday.

They take leave to care for it,

protect it with all things gentle and mild,

THEY, of course can’t afford the same

so they leave it under the care of their elder child.

They spend months trying to figure out

a unique name for their little one,

For THEM, well, its just a chore

that needs to be done.

They go all out to ensure

their child is taught good morals,

But for THEM,

everyday is a fight to earn

a piece of morsel.

Some are born with a silver spoon,

others not even grey,

Some are born with the right to live,

others can only pray.

4 Comments to “Silver spoon.”

  1. even the so-called wealthy also pray~ this world is full of injustice ~extremely well written ! Deborah

  2. I like it!

  3. Thought-provoking. I like having my thoughts provoked.

  4. Thank you all for the kind words! I sent this poem long back and forgot to check if it was indeed posted! Will come here more often!

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