A Life So True

by russtowne

They say war is Hell and it’s true
But even in war there are rules
You tend to know friend from foe
But in gossiping anything goes

No one is safe from whispered words
Spoken when one’s back is turned
Power comes from dirt that’s shared
Whether true or not few seem to care

Stab friends in the back with a smile
Pretend to like them all the while
But be sure they’re gone when you do
That’s part of the fun for gossiping fools

The only defense it seems to me
Against this cruel conspiracy
Is to life a life so true
No one will believe gossip about you

–Russ Towne

2 Comments to “A Life So True”

  1. i finally learned that people will gossip for gossip sake because there’s always either envy or unkindness. I consider my conscience to be my only concern.

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