Fire at my Centre

by harulawordsthatserve

Fire at my centre,

burning as the core

shedding sacred light and warmth

with playful flicker roar.

Fire at my centre,

through my eyes you dance

telling stories long since past

as I gaze on entranced.

Fire at my centre

wisdom of the flames

knowing since the birth of time

that life must start again.

Fire at my centre

burning its surrounds

turning all you touch to ash

which nourishes the ground.

Sacred ash and open air

combine to draw life out,

initiating transformation

from the inside out.

Tender shoots stretch sunward

as new roots plunge below,

seeking warmth in Mother Earth

where Gaia’s fires glow.

Fire at your centre,

life’s eternal flame,

will you grant us this last chance

or must life start again?


6 Comments to “Fire at my Centre”

  1. Snow falling outside, spring blizzards hit my part of England today, so I needed this one, thanks I’m feeling much warmer now.

  2. Spring is here, 2nd day of summer, and one foot of snow in Belfast.

  3. beautiful and delightful and excellently written !

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