Bring Me Home

by reikiheidi

The domain of Compassion – encompassing all;

The domain of Hope – Always we wait in her hall.

The domain of Fear – can lead to the insane;

The domain of Relief – that leads back out again.

The domain of Rage – filled with anger and fury;

The domain of Peace – brimming with content, purely.

The domain of Love – her floor tiled Yin-Yang;

The domain of Loss – tears flowing in the sand.

Each Hall to be stepped into and through,

Each One to meet, greet, and confront you.

Each domain visited as we journey through life,

This path we all tread, a balance of joy and strife.

And so we laugh, and so we cry,

And so together we shall get by.

No domain do I fear for all hold a teaching wisdom:

With each passing one I find a deeper meaning.

Forward I travel knowing not what awaits,

You travel with me and so every trial I shall face

In courage, and knowing with pride

That the heart is strong and the soul abides

And should it falter and I lose my way,

Your hand in mine will my anxiety stay.

So I thank you, my love, and come sunshine or rain,

Together we boldly walk through each of Life’s domain.

2 Comments to “Bring Me Home”

  1. what a wonderful tribute ! I loved the forward backward style ~a wonderful love letter !

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