Before the Last Sleep

by forgingpaths

As you lay dying we all hold our breath
as if death
could be held at bay
but my friend not today.
As you sit in your chair
we stare
into the nothingness that is your future.

You have no wish to be at peace
your life just a crease
in the fabric of time
you spent your last dime
on a cure like some pills
could solve your ills
you have lived a life of extraordinary regrets
and now no one forgets
and damn it all you wish they would, or could
forgive.Just forgive
and sit with,
you now.

oh you can fuss and you can shout
you know what it’s all about,
or at least what it’s not
but you lost your shot,
cause who is there to hear you now?
we are.
the ones you allow,
or have not yet pushed away.
why have we stayed?
More for us than you, I assure you
to see some last glimmer, a hue-
a shade of soul from the buried deep
to shine once again before the last sleep.

6 Comments to “Before the Last Sleep”

  1. heavy thoughtful and a perspective so easily accepted too. Well written too!

  2. I find this a brave, bold poem with a strong voice which I can appreciate and respect even if I don’t agree with all it says. It challenges me and makes me think – thank you!

    • thank you. I am wondering though, what do you not agree with?

      • I guess I question ‘the nothingness that is your future,’ for I personally believe there is something after death, and I’m open to what that may be as I’m not clear, but it definitely doesn’t feel like nothingness. I’m not religious but the cycles of life won’t let me believe there’s a finite end.

  3. Surely, you can publish this poem. It speaks volumes.

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