Dance With The Devil

by Noura M.MouSsa

You can leave him and go to heaven,
but still you choose to dance with the devil,
He makes you feel warm with his cold eyes,
In your ears he whispers his well known lies,
He holds your hands with his,
filled with blood,
he makes you think he’s the only hope you got,
He brings you beautiful gown
then compliment it,
At a point you wish he had never sent it,
His eyes will kill your joy, steal your youth,

his tongue doesn’t know how to speak the truth,
Now it’s plain to see he’s taking control,
we tried to save you but you chose to fall ,
Honey, he feeds on a young lady’s soul,
you’re blinded by the scenery when you entered the hall,
Can’t deny ,I was once in your place,
another devil and I was his chase,
A star with eyes, dark blue as the sky of the night,
Nothing could match the  feeling I got at his sight,
To be saved I didn’t take the chance that was given,
now I’m stuck; can’t go to heaven,
And can’t go back to dancing with the devil.


10 Comments to “Dance With The Devil”

  1. ♪Stuck in the middle with you♪

  2. Hmmmm, great piece of writing – sometimes it don’t matter waht people tell you, jus gotsta learn fer yerself .

  3. Choices made that can’t be undone… Lessons learned from the devil itself

  4. Strong poem, and welcome to poets corner i hope you enjoy it here.

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