by Chatty Owl

You say,

bridges are built,
so him and her
could cross rivers over,
in order to hold hands,
even for a brief moment.
You say,
these steel and concrete giants
are here to remind us
of all the forced decisions
we took,
because we had to,
as we march across the cement pavements,
reaching destinations,
A to B.
You say,
bridges are built,
so we could brush our lives across
these passing strangers,
in order to forget
how does it feel to be neglected
by the one
you loved the most.
You know.
the one, that got away…
I say,
my bridges are not here
for getting over.
They’re here to be burnt,
brick after brick,
to keep me warm.
Hand me the matches.

29 Comments to “Bridges”

  1. Strange… Could be all about timing… The box of matches looks empty… Maybe the bridges were burnt before getting a chance to cross… Still warm, but a limited path before you…

    Of course it is also possible that, by some chance, you crossed the bridge, tempted by a moment to hold, someone else sparked some flames to prevent retreat… Either way, the warmth of the radiating heart renders the details of the purpose irrelevant.

  2. If a bridge can be built it can always be rebuilt, the only thing preventing it from happening is the willingness to try.

    • Just out of interest, why do you think people are so hesitant to rebuilt? Because they dont want to or because they are too scared? Or any other reason?

      • Most likely they dont want to invest more time and effort because they are afraid of another fire! Once something is destroyed its hard to shake the fear that it could easily happen again. I guess the only real question is how badly do they want whats on the other side.

      • Thats true, makes sense. I guess people evaluate the final result (if the bridge is rebuild) and judge from their perspective, if it was worth it.. Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts! I love feedback like that, makes me inspired to think and contemplate about future poems. 🙂

      • Anytime! I always like to give feedback where I feel I can!

  3. As soon as I read “You say”
    I knw something different was coming; well expressed, good piece of work, enjoyed reading it, the differences in definition and the associated emotion.

  4. You have a way of pouring out your emotions into a page, letting each letter, syllable and word compose a story that we can relate to. Bravo. You are fantastic. I am in awed of your poetry.

  5. a manifesto of beginnings and endings~beautifully indicative of movements we don’t always want ~ Bravo !

  6. I love the last few lines, very powerful. A new take on bridges for me…

  7. Bridges, like doors, are wonderful jumping-off points for poets, aren’t they?
    Well done.

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