No need to mend me

by harulawordsthatserve

No need to mend me

I’m not broken

Love the pieces I’m in

Accept them scattered before you

Give me space

And time

To reconnect

With my bigger picture

Then prepare to celebrate as




Love myself whole

9 Comments to “No need to mend me”

  1. This is lovely.

    I think there was a time when I actually was totally broken, until I surrendered and began a recovery path.

    But I think we are all a little scattered her and there and thats fine. Not to be would be asking for perfection and I am certainly not that nor do I wish to be.

    We are what we are and as long as we do our best then thatis enough. i love your line “love myself whole”. i think we need to learn to love ourselves before anything can find its right place.

    Look how your poem made me think, very thought provoking piece Harula, thank you.


    Christine xx

    • Bless you dear Christine! Yeah, this is potentially a huge topic, and this poem was just one personal experience of me wanting people to trust me to put my own pieces back together, to give me some time, and not add to my worries by needing to worry about their worry for me! I’m glad it got you thinking and I so appreciate your wise and detailed comment. It felt like a lovely warm welcome to Poet’s Corner and my first poem here!
      Blessings on your day:-), H xxx

  2. Lovely poem and welcome to poets corner.

  3. Love this, especially the first four lines!!

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