And the Dream Made it Worse

by reikiheidi

Dreaming awake

The butterfly flutters

As the smell of toast


The crow caws

In a dark morning sky

… And the dream made it worse.

Awake in your sleep

The blackbird flaps its wings

As it hurries away.


My queen to your king

As the first drop of rain falls

…And the dream made it worse.

She runs through the


Halls and he sits there,



The raven gives one last caw

…And the dream made it worse.


6 Comments to “And the Dream Made it Worse”

  1. wow,, *hugs* lovely words/emotions/mind pictures

  2. I like the repetition of the title. I like the line “my queen to your king”, and the enjambment of “through the/ narrow”. I like it!

  3. Agree with Francesco – like the repetition and the (to me) frantic hop-about/panic nature of this piece.

  4. intriguing ! Thoroughly captivating ~ Deborah

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