The birds sweetly sing to life.

They do not need any reason or rhyme.

They sing because it is natural, like the air.

They do not know weather or clime,

It is just what they do.

Their song is not dampened by rain, to them

All is right, plentiful, and good.

So must I sing to “Life.”

My song must find no strings to earth.

It must soar and have a face of joy not sullen

Like a starving soul un-nursed.

It must Be just Because,

With no reason but to be heard by life itself,

Destined only for God!

3 Comments to ““RISING TO THE OCCASION””

  1. This is beautiful and while I was reading it I was put in touch with the Buddhist teachings I am acquainting myself with in order to help me with managing my condition (MS). So this poem gave me a good start to my day, reminding me to be mindful. Thank you


    • Christine, your beautiful name can keep you focused on what’s beautiful and good and hopeful ! I have muscular dystrophy for 44 years and the hurdles are often higher than what we see because our perspective is so limited ~but, you’re a bright and sensitive woman and, your adjusting is a lifetime process– believe me! I’m grateful I served you through my writing dear. Thank you for your encouragement ~ Hang in there! You’re a strong woman ! Sincerely Deborah

  2. Thank you Deborah.

    Love to you x

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