by Poetic

As I ponder
the complexities of life
I cannot forget
the insanity of women
and all their
wonderful complications

I never profess
to understand
coming close
is reward enough
beautiful, strange creatures

5 Comments to “Women”

  1. I absolutely adore the last line… And not because that would be a compliment to women “race”, which I belong to, but because of the fascination you express so well. Its like..no matter how strange/weird/odd/etc something is, it still can be endearing..

  2. how right you are! Bbut i don’t believe we are complex as much as introspective with most sides of life in which men SEEM to work on a one dimensional place ~but that’s not true.

    • Oh I know women are not that complex, its just a matter of understanding how they think! Most men don’t understand that women think differently than they do so they can never understand why they do some of the things they do. I think once we understand what motivates the others actions the things they do cease to be such a mystery! All that being said, they still fascinate me!

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