Future. Past. Swapped over

by Chatty Owl

These stories about your life,

they remind me of exclamation marks –
loud sounds with no impact,
just an airless vacuum of preservation’s.
You take me by the hand
and tell me all about your dreams
of our future,
but I have news for you, my dear…
Future is not ahead of us,
future is that unknown place
behind our backs.
Ahead of us is only our past,
with mistakes on display,
like a painful reminder
of where we slipped
and ruined the horizon.

15 Comments to “Future. Past. Swapped over”

  1. Wow, this is really, really, really good! It’s like I’ve never even looked at time that way before and the instant I read your words it makes total sense!

  2. Well written but very disturbing reality you choose to put your spotlight on. Perspective always helps.

  3. If our future is at our back and ahead of us all our past mistakes … were facing the ‘wrong’ way 😉

    i really gotta work on that analytical literal mind and let the emotion set in once in a while.. i know i know .

    For a brief second though i really could ‘identify’ 🙂

  4. You’re past is in-front of you?
    Turn around 🙂

    – Beautiful poem btw

  5. Hello.You write beautiful words. 🙂

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