by Shashi Moore
Via google

Via google


A new addition to the family

Not by birth, not by adoption

A girl known since birth to us

The only daughter of our neighbour


Father never known, only heard

Mother, busy, a job she holds at sea

Recently, lost grandma to diabetes,

Aunts two, busy with families of their own


Blessings doubled, one daughter, now two!

Laughter rippling, joy and happiness diffusing

We call her precious, a life so dear

Not too hard to share, for a mother who cares.

By: Shashi Moore


10 Comments to “Precious”

  1. I love this on many levels…the poetry..and the wonderful family you are.

  2. Thank you for your kind words. 🙂

  3. life has brought different changes, different situations and also lots of difficult decisions. as nervous as i am at this moment and also touched with rumbles in my heart for being this precious. i was accepted for who i am an for not who i was. for the love an respect that was offered to me i’m pleasured to see after a matter of two years this wonderful heart touching poem about me is still up an for the past nine months it has been my wallpaper on every gadget i own i havent had the courage to even give my comment on it to express my thoughts and feelings until recently sopken to my close friend Kimberly and my cousin aria and at that moment it matted not you will always be a mother figure to me ❤ xoxxo
    p.s iloveyou S.MOORE

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