As you are asleep

by Ina

I look at you as you are asleep in your chair,
and I cry, for no other reason than my thoughts.
I notice how you hair is whiter now.

What if I am gone before you, who will laugh with you,
share your dark sense of humour, and who will be there
watching you sleep in your chair?

I can not die before you do.
Watch me care, watch me age as I watch you.
And stay here. Care for me.

From outside a silence comes.
My eyes closed, I drift away
and meet you in a dream.

We run across a beach into a sea
where we make love and swim away from all of it
together. Hand in hand.

We both awake, you smile. You had a dream,
you say. You dreamt of making love again,
not remembering where. It was with me though.

You are convinced of that. I know exactly where it was,
as I just come from there. Your hand is reaching out for mine.
Some dreams come true, more so than others do.

7 Comments to “As you are asleep”

  1. Another gem Ina! Beautiful

    L&H xx

  2. I must start checking!!! Another gem it should have said. I am so impatient! 🙂 xx

  3. Beautiful writing. 🙂

  4. Another great poem Ina.

  5. Beautiful…so so very beautiful…

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