As Always, Spring

by journeyintopoetry


I love spring,

how she yawns and stretches,

quiet confidence;

instinct melded with a trust

that says it’s okay to go.

She was almost fooled

a couple of times this year,

but not enough to daunt

or throw off course.

And now look at those shoots;

delicate still, a little pale, but

granite firm and ready.

They have work to do,

an audience to captivate,

starring roles to support.

And as always, will succeed;

why would this year be any different?

6 Comments to “As Always, Spring”

  1. Hi Christine, this is lovely! 🙂 L&H xx

  2. Love the positivity in this one – thanks!

  3. a wonderful gift to be as humble as Spring~just being herself !

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